Saturday, January 30, 2010

Happy, Happy

Megan's bestie is turning twelve and her choice for a celebration was an overnight with just Megan. So we felt inspired to do some special surprises for her which included a gumball birthday card, and some handsewn goodies.

The skirt was made from the lower half of a men's flannel shirt. I just cut it off, gathered it and attached it to some wide elastic. I then used the sleeve of the shirt to make the lining and accents on the clutch purse.


JB said...

Opening the gifts was so fun for her, even before she got to those amazing presents. She loved it all! Nothing could have blessed her more..that skirt is so CUTE! By the way the did anyone tell you your more talented than any one person shud be? xoxo

AZDonna said...

So cute! I'm really glad my daughter loves to sew. :)

Daryl said...

Aren't you the handy one!