Friday, June 8, 2012

School Days

Today is Steven’s last day of school.  We’ve been blessed because for the last 2 years Steven has had the same teacher.  And she’s not just any teacher, she is amazing!  She loves my child and she’s fun-loving and joy-filled.   A total rock-star.

So, what to give such a special teacher at the end of the school year?  How about some homemade goodness?

And a cute little tag sewn to look like notebook paper?

And a list of ingredients.

Mrs. Hughes is moving to 3rd grade next year.  Which means we stand a good chance of getting her again in a year.  Which makes us all very, very happy.

Recipe from here(I only use almonds, omitting the walnuts and pecans.  We are only nut-likers here at our house, not nut-lovers.  But if you are a nut-lover, party on!)