Monday, August 13, 2012

Room Redo and a Thrift Store Repurpose

We've had a wonderful summer around here.  After the craziness of VBX, it was nice to settle into the lazy days of summer.  Steven goes back to school next week and Megan, the week after.  We're trying to squeeze every ounce of freedom out of these last few days.  Here's a couple of projects from these last few weeks (more to come!)

I bought several old pans from the thrift store.  A few coats of spray paint and ta-da!
Cute new storage containers!  I am in love with attractive storage containers.

We are also working on a budget remodel of Megan's room.  She has been wanting to repaint it since she moved into that room, 4 years ago.  I finally relented during a mommy-daughter weekend while our boys were in Alaska.  We are still working on it, but here is her new collage wall.  It's very representative of her taste and I kind of love it!  It was also very inexpensive.  Most of the art was from free download sites.
I have a few more summer projects I'll be posting on soon.


AZDonna said...

Did you repaint her dresser? I think it used to be black. That wall looks great!

Robin said...

Yep, we painted her dresser!

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